IATB - 2014-2019

Yes, after some extended breaks over the last couple of years (pesky kids), I have decided to close the studio doors for the last time.

I am closing IATB for a number of reasons - some good and some bad, some financial and some love lost. It's time for something new.

I have now filled all of my remaining slots for workshops through until the start of April, when I'll be closing and selling most of what is in the studio. You can still be added to the list for those sales by signing up to my newsletter, FYI. 

Though I am sad to say goodbye to The Beast and to my incredibly lovely customers and workshoppees, I am excited about what the future may hold for me on my new adventure - Silly Heart.

From April onwards I'll be focusing on my new coaching and mentoring business. I'm working with women and mothers setting up their own creative businesses, and putting together "networking for introverts" meet ups, Talks, and practical workshops which I'm really excited about. You can sign up to the Silly Heart mailing list here, or come and say hi on Instagram

I want to say a huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone who bought stationery, booked a workshop, supported my 2016 crowdfunding campaign, and generally supported me and my business over the last five years. I quite literally couldn't have done it without you. 

Please continue to support your local and lovely small businesses. A social media 'like' is nice but it doesn't pay the bills. Every single purchase helps them to stay open and keep bringing you amazing products and experiences. 

The #justacard campaign is well worth checking out if you want to know how you can do your best for indie businesses!

As for my printing, I'll be keeping an Adana, some type, and will keep the  @inkyandthebeast Instagram alive so I may pop up with little surprises now and again! 

Never say never :) Thank you all xxx