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When I first started on my printmaking journey, I had a lot of questions. I tried to learn from YouTube videos and forums but I couldn't cut through the jargon to find the answers I needed.

My support came from other ladies of letterpress, who so generously shared their knowledge and recommendations with me out of the goodness of their heart. I have tried to do the same over the last five years, always sharing everything I can think of with my workshopees during and following workshops, and with beginner printers who have emailed looking for help.

Below I've listed all of my preferred suppliers, recommendations, further reading and anything else I think could be of help to you when learning to print at home.

Presses, Equipment and Type

(Including, but not exclusively, Adana accessories, quoins, leads, composing stones, composing sticks, guillotines, type drawers, and so on!)

Roger - Urban Fox Design

Instagram - @urbanfox.letterpress

Jeremy Winkworth

Instagram - @jeremywinkworthletterpress

Presses, Equipment, and Type plus Press Moving and Servicing (Kent based)

Mike - Linecasting Machinery

Instagram - @lps.letterpress

Web -

Polymer Plates, Chase Bases, Adapting designs to be print ready

Lisa - Lyme Bay Press




If you need to outsource designs for letterpress printing or foiling, I highly recommend the following printers.

Letterpress Workshops

Small Business Support

Silly Heart (that's me now!)

If you're starting or growing a new small business, I'd love to be of help in any way I can.

Further Reading

I'd also recommend having a read of any of these sites:

You don't need to buy everything that they recommend, but it's all useful reading.